Airport Life

The first leg of my trip is underway. Made it to the airport, through security, and onto the plane. Something I must learn is how to gage 50 lbs per bag because unfortunately my big bag was about 16 lbs overweight and my carry-on was too big so I had to check it (but I got away with not paying for it). I guess I forgot how to pack for a long trip.


I am writing this post from 33,384 ft. thanks to JetBlues free “Fly-Fi”. We just passed over Indianapolis which of course made me think about Purdue. It was weird for me not to go back this semester, but I am so thankful for this opportunity through this great university. I have received endless support from my friends, advisors, professors, and coaches, and could not be more thankful for that as well.
Lucky for me the middle seat between me and the other passenger was open, giving me and my long legs some more space to spread out. I’m flying JetBlue into Burbank where Alex will pick me up. Downtown LA and a tour of Warner Brothers Studio is on tap for tomorrow. Universal is on tap for Saturday and Sunday, Santa Monica Pier and the beach will send me off to Aussie land.

Getting more and more excited each day!


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