Exploring Day 1 in LA

Today was a great day fill with a lot of different, but exciting things.

First, I went to work with my brother. Alex works at Warner Brother’s Studios doing special effects. To start off we walked around and he gave me a tour of IMG_1572the back-lot which houses the different stages and outdoor sets where movies and tv shows are shot. Some big names include the Ellen Degeneres Show, Friends, Supergirl, Greece live (got to see them break down that set) and many other big name films and shows. After breakfast and a little tour of his building we continued into the museum which houses the Harry Potter exhibit and the Batman trilogy exhibit. Both exhibits showcase original costumes and art created to put together each production. I was even sorted by the sorting hat from HIMG_1576arry Potter… I got Slytherin (not sure how I feel about that). After the museum I got my picture with the infamous Warner Brother’s  water tower and was on my way for a day of adventure.
The first place I went was the Griffith Observatory. The exhibits were quite interesting and I got to see images shot with telescopes that are actually used. I also saw an amazing show that had awesome visual effects that reIMG_1642ally made you feel like you were in outer space. After the show I got some lunch and then went on my way for a beautiful hike down the mountain and back up with some very intense inclines, but incredible views of LA. Huge shoutout to all the random people I stopped to take my picture!

My next stop was the LA zoo where I got to see a vast array of animals. It just so happens that they have an Australia exhibit which consisted of Mama Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies, an Tasmanian devils. This of course continued to make me excited to be leaving in just 2 days!!!


After the zoo I tried driving over to the HOLLYWOOD sign but then realized it would have taken too long and the sun was already setting soon. After checking in with Alex and realizing he wouldn’t be done at work till late I decided to go see 2 movies, Dirty Grandpa and Hail Ceaser. When they were over I went to pick up Alex and we went to a great Mexican restaurant downtown call The Velvet Margarita.

I am wiped after such an amazing day, but I’ll be back again tomorrow to fill you in on tomorrows adventures!


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