Day 2 – Universal + Downtown

Today was Universal day!! After picking up Alex’s friends at LAX we headed back towards the valley to Universal Studios. Spent the day doing very touristy thinIMG_1783gs and going to all the attractions in the park. While we explored the entire park perhaps the best part was going to “Springfield” (Also known as Simpson’s World) because it brought back good memories of when Alex and I used to watch it when we were little. This trip has been really nice for us because we don’t normally see each other for such long periods of time, but it has been really nice getting to know him a little better and reminisce about times and things we did as children.

Continuing through the day I realized how much really goes into creating a film. I thought I already knew so much just by hearing Alex talk about it all these years, but today was really eye opening in learning more and more about it at the park. Alex’s friends were IMG_1701chosen to be involved in the special effects show which gave us a look at how different tools are used put effects into movies to enhance the authenticity of a picture. With the studio tour we got to see sound stages (which I had already seen at Warner Brother’s) and other sets used to shoot famous movies and tv shows. While this trip has been so fun it has also been so educating in learning what fuels one of the biggest industries not only in LA, but the entire world, and that is entertainment.


After much needed naps the gang hit the road once more to have dinner at a very good restaurant called “Ink”. The owner was a winner of Top Chef so you can only imagine how good and top scale the food was. I have only been to 3-4 fine dining restaurants and I have definitely been learning more about cuisine and the technical aspects of taste and pairings in conjunction with it’s presentation. It has definitely been nice trying new things and experiencing them in such elegant settings.

After dinner we decided to finish the night out with a walk down Hollywood Blvd and a look at the “Stars”. We took pictures, got a bottle of wine, then headed back. IMG_1818

Santa Monica Pier on tap for tomorrow, and tomorrow night I’ll be off!

Until then!


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