Santa Monica, Airport – Hello Australia

Yesterday was my last day in LA. We slept in then went down to Santa Monica for the last day of adventures. First we went to brunch at the Shutters hotel, which is
a more upscale, and according to Alex, a very famous place. After we walked down the beach towards the pier where we rode the “West Coaster” and the infamIMG_1912ous Ferris Wheel. Then we got some dip & dots (one of my favorites) and churros for Alex. After hanging on the pier for a little then we went to an outdoor mall nearby for drinks/before dinner snacks then decided to go to the Cheesecake factory for dessert. Very American way to send me off. The airport was next up, went to the wrong terminal initially but made it to the right one in time to check in and have to move everything around to fit the 50 lb limit in didn’t end up sitting next to him, but it was the first exposure to Australia and made me really happy that I am going to such a warm and welcoming country. One piece of advice I can definitely give readers, especially students going abroad, is that before you travel, measure your suitcase to make sure they comply with size and weight restrictions!!! Then you’ll have a much more hassle-free experience.

On the plane I ended up sitting next to a different very attractive Australian dude, and made me realize how hard it might be to resist these very attractive accents 😉 (just kidding dad!!). But seriously, him and my other Australian row-mates were very nice and gave me some advicIMG_1865e on places to go etc. All in all a good flight. Slept for about 9-10 hours of the trip on and off. Watched “The Intern” and part of “Spy” then beautiful Australia greeted us through the window. So excited to be hear and so thankful for this great opportunity!!!

I am now sitting in the airport waiting for the train to take me to the center of the city where my hostel is and where I will be before I head to Armidale on Wednesday!!

Next blog I will tell you more about my first day in Sydney!!!